It is of great significance to improve the level of greening ma


    With the acceleration of China's industrialization process, the development of high quality garden tools products is very large, the speed is fast, the variety is increased, the technology is complicated, the value is high, the use is improper, it is easy to be faulty or damaged, and its maintenance is difficult and expensive, and the operation is high. The quality of personnel puts forward higher requirements. Strengthening the maintenance management of garden machinery and establishing a strong garden machinery support team is the key to maintaining the normal operation of garden machinery, and is of great significance for improving the level of greening management.

    Use repair

    Before use, it is necessary to check the movement of various parts of the machine, whether there is looseness; whether there is oil on the surface of the machine, whether it is oil leakage; in the event of mechanical failure or damage in the use, it is necessary to carry out maintenance in time, and at the same time make a record to make the faulty part The situation of damaged parts and the like is clearly written to facilitate future search in use; after use, the oil is changed and the parts are adjusted according to the requirements of the maintenance manual.

    Regular maintenance

    For the like, such as the fight drugs machine, the chain saw, etc. are not commonly used, sometimes the high quality garden tools that are not used for a few months, to be regularly maintained.

    Conditional maintenance

    In the actual operation of the machine, it is necessary to observe and check regularly, depending on the condition of the machine to determine the timing of the repair, and to maintain the new machine just after the running-in period according to the requirements of the manual; in the use, the machine is found to be vibrating and black smoke. It is necessary to check whether the machine is clogged, burned oil, etc., find out the fault location, carry out targeted maintenance, eliminate the fault in the bud, and ensure the normal use of the garden machinery.

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