Gaozhan specializes in producing garden tools and garden hoses


    With the rising temperature, summer has come. No matter which season of the year our city greening staff will be greening the city gardens.

    Let's take a look at the high quality garden hose in garden irrigation supplies and what should be paid attention to in the selection of garden water pipe joints:

    1. The fabric of garden water pipes shall be woven evenly and have a clean surface, free from double-jump, double-break, weft-jump and scratch.

    2. The thickness of the water pipe lining should be uniform, the surface should be smooth and level, without wrinkles or other defects.

    3. The bursting pressure and working pressure of garden water pipes shall meet the use requirements, and no bursting or delamination shall occur.

    Our company, China Expandable Hose manufacturers and China Expandable Hose suppliers was founded in 2009, specializing in producing garden tools and garden hoses.

    We are applying ourselves to providing ranking quality products for customers and we are equipped pull test machine and pressure test machine in each p roducing workshop for quality watchdog to test and analyze products comprehensively to improve the excellence rate of our product.

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