How to increase the output of the sand making machine

  • With the increase in the demand for artificial sand and gravel, the market demand for sand making machines is getting higher and higher, but many users report that his sand making machine has a low sand output and cannot meet the requirements.So, what factors affect the amount of sand from the sand making machine?
    Material: The sand blasting machine has a wide range of applications. For different processing materials, the hardness, viscosity and humidity are different, which will lead to different sand production.
    Material hardness: The harder the material, the more difficult it is to process, and the wear of the equipment is also serious, resulting in slower sand making speed, and the amount of sand is naturally lower. Conversely, the lower the hardness of the material, the more sand is produced.
    Material viscosity: The material with relatively high viscosity is easy to adhere to the inner wall of the sand making machine during the processing. If it is not cleaned in time, it will seriously affect the output and efficiency of the sand making machine, and thus affect the sand output.
    Material Humidity: If the water content of the processed material is relatively large, it will easily cause adhesion, which will lead to clogging problems for a long time, which will reduce the sand making capacity of the sand making machine and reduce the amount of sand produced.
    Sand making machine model: There are various types of sand making machines on the market. The sand making capacity, energy consumption, efficiency, dust quantity, etc. of different types of sand making machines are different, different models,The scope of application is also different, so users need to choose blindly when purchasing the sand making machine, and choose the appropriate model according to the characteristics of the processed materials.
    The quality of the sand making machine itself: The quality of the sand making machine itself is one of the key factors affecting the amount of sand. A high-quality sand making machine is not only energy-saving, environmentally friendly, but also easily meets user expectations.Sand output.In addition, the sand making machine produced by professional production plants is more reliable in quality, better in wear resistance and longer in life. It can meet the requirements of users in terms of output, efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
    Operation and maintenance: The operation and maintenance of the sand making machine will also affect the sand output of the equipment to a certain extent.Even if a good sand making machine equipment is not properly operated and it is not regularly maintained, it will cause damage to equipment parts, reduce service life and reduce production.Therefore, regular maintenance can not only increase the amount of sand produced by the sand making machine, but also extend the service life of the equipment.