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  • 20 Nov 2020
    Dude you just enter words my precise feelings. No I am not the best Madden player on earth, and just like you I'm really okay losing. Nonetheless, it takes out all pleasure when you confront Ed HB stretch + Bo wildcat every game. And if you are lucky enough to stop these men throw picks every toss. I really don't hate losing, it's just when you lose from pure pops. Everyone's response iswell just get it back... but that is not fun. I will not do it. I will acknowledge and Mut 21 coins respect a reduction to a fantastic opponent who outplays me for the win, not someone who has one play and is similar to"alright if he can discontinue this one play, I will run a different unstoppable play over and over until he could stop it, then another one." Like bro how can this even enjoyable for you to enjoy not even have a strategy for or authentic challenge for yourself. How is there some pride in these wins.I played with a man last weekend; legit conducted jet sweep every play. No matter my strategy I could not stop it. He could take it every time if I contained the exterior. He had legit a 1000 + group. I found him on here since he had the exact same id, and remarked about I'm glad you spent so much upgrading your team simply to exploit the game and use one play. He tried calling out me saying I"ran cheese pass and run plays the he could not stop" and I was like. You mean I mixed up my run and pass anticipating what you may think I'm going to run. Such as an ACTUAL SHEME? He said"you're shit for not being able to stop my drama". These are.Like what is the pleasure in paying their lender on a group that they utilize 1-2 cards on crime in a matter of like a variety of plays. I buy new cards and tend to play awful cuz I always force them with the ball or wanna user them D or something. Like I genuinely don't understand what excitement they get out of Madden when they operate 1-2 plays and have absolutely no scheme or strategy in any way. Like I said, I'm by no means the best player. But I'm not horrible. And I really like upgrading and playing my group. I don't have any difficulty it's just the fun is taken by these people today out.Agree completely. Everyone is building construction building but by the time you get something such as your team the cheap Madden nfl 21 coins game just isn't fun. I realised in my first year, spend your coins don't save for mut season/zero chill/Toty it is not worth it. Any excess coins sell on the market while they are worth some thing and buy yourself something nice with all the money. I bought myself a nice TV last week with all the money. Rather than giving of your money.
    151 Posted by Wei weismart
  • 30 Nov 2020
    Probably particularly true for people who have to declare their goals really loudly. Like the people who dramatically declare they are leaving a forum. I'm skipping it (ironic, I know) but I know the game is still going to do really well. Same with the Madden 21 coins latest versions of 2K. I'm like half and half. When a get a urge to play Madden I shall only spend $5 or $15 bucks to EA Perform and after a month I will be carried out. I wonder if there are people like me and in which they fall into these sales figures. Folks like you (and me) are that they created EA Play for, the kind that will buy a sports game to have in their group but not be fanatical about it. EA decided they'd rather we give them the money right instead of spend it buying a used game that they get no money from.  However, as far as when we factor in, we don't. If we are prepared to wait 6-months to play with the new Madden once the true season is over we are not the consumer they're after. I said I would boycott, and that I did. TBF tho I own 20 and am more than happy updating to habit rosters. But the internet said don't purchase it. Yet for 15 years of no competition and fair incremental advancements, the sport still sells, and they make even more off MUT now than they do off of just selling the game. A lot of the Madden audience are individuals who play sports games such as it and NBA2k religiously. There is nothing"casual" about them. They buy like clockwork every year only because they obsess over them. Just because people do not play the titles r/games enjoys doesn't mean they are lesser.Most only buy that sngle game Madden or 2k, time investment to do everything like badge grinding may take all your time although I think it's easier now to get to 99 and they want you to make multiple builds today. I play with the thing mainly every year I simply dont get it in launch because of the sideshow it's and it drops cost fast. Or maybe the population that is complaining on the world wide web doesn't have anything to do with the population that's generally buying games such as Madden, NBA 2K along with other games like this. Despite the complaining people do here, these games are nearly always very great. They constantly have like 7different game modes and ways to play. You can stay away from all micro trades incredibly easily.Many gamers do not realize the amount of console sales which take place is quite high just for the specific purpose to play two or one annualized franchises. For the person who buys two games a year for example Madden and NBA2K every calendar year, $60x2 for your hours and hours of time put into those matches, the worth is super high. The population of men and women who fall into that category are not on r/Games complaining about buy Madden nfl 21 coins microtransactions and shit like this. They probably don't even possess a reddit account. It is not a knock on them, it's just the way things happen.
    136 Posted by Wei weismart
  • 11 Dec 2020
    I recently decided to commit my time in killing Aviansies. I hear they're amazing for OSRS gold earning money and are good Ranged xp. I am not certain if I have a good setup. 170 Bones to Peaches tabs. Monkfish to begin with (will use the bones to peaches when out of monks). I'm picking up ALL runes that drop (good idea???) . Any help will be greatly valued.Hey everyone, hope all is great! I havent been round these parts for around 3 years! (world of warcraft... haha) Now circumstances have changed, and if I could get my account appeal seemed at and acquire the appeal. . I will be playing runescape again! I have a few questions; anybody here ever tried to recover a secured account (hacked one, with different password). . And is there any information you may give jagex (a previous in game bank pin or achievement ) to help with the appeal, cause I dont realy remember if I had secret questions, dont remember what months I played so any appeals I make are a lost cause! How can it work? An in game edition of EBay? You dont have to decide the cost but the public does? When I left the barrows sets were likely the best, with guthans costing at 13 million, which has dropped a whole lot! Also on this subject; the abysal whip, is it still any good or is there something more attainable that's much better? I learned about financing program? The wilderness has gone!? But theres older school realms where there is wilderness everywhere? Can anyone go into depth on this for me? Sorry if these are a bit nooby, ive been searching the official and sals forums for the past couple of days and cant find any real advice, I will appreciate any answers anyone can give me! And if anyone gives me advice that helps me get back my account, I will show my thanks in sport some how! Thank you in advance!Hello, I have only returned to RS yesterday following a year and a half break. I've got quite a few questions if anyone can aid me. Are there robots in the sport, if so are they as poor as they used to be? I used to give gifts to people is this not possible now using the new trading platform? What are the best member armour and weapons? Is abyss runecrafting simpler now that individuals can't pk from the wildy? Or am I likely to encounter revenants a lot today? Has there been some runecrafting updates?I'm overlooking these emotes: Air Guitar, Safety First, Explore, Trick, Freeze & Offer Thanks. Are all of these from holiday events? If some can be earned in game how do you get them? What's the maximum combat level now? Is Pyramid Plunder still a good way to increase thieving levels or is there another way which is better? Whats the best way to increase Agility? What do Swordfish and Shark Gloves do and just how can you get them? I believe that's it for today, thanks if anyone can help with all or some of my questions.I am only level 52 but I have managed to get to the part where you need to opt for the route you take. I have tried both the routes but I have neglected them, so could someone give me a way to help me get through this part? I am providing Ivan with stew every time and I have given him armour. Matters that may help: Give Ivan a lucky silver sickle so he can do harm to the Juvinates. There is a safe spot for him, a market in the cheap RS gold bushes. If you can catch him in there and stand in front of him, they can not reach him. Strike one Juvinate and the other, alternative hitting them to divert them from Ivan. I believe I did this bit about 9 times before I eventually managed to maintain Ivan alive. (Don't remember what my battle level was, but I believe it had been between 50 and 60; I do remember that at one stage I gave up, educated a couple of strength levels, also came back.)
    121 Posted by Wei weismart
  • 25 Nov 2020
    That I am only able to give members to among my accounts..But I am having a rought time choosing, Here's some advice, perhaps you guys can help? Also, go easy, I am new xD... Other Info: All other stats are somewhat less then 20, so meaning small significance. This acc gets the RS gold guthix cape and may do claw of guthix out of battle. I haven't any fantastic quests completed, besides lost town and MM. It also has a lot of MISC. Items that I enjoy. And I have no Clue the best way to move wealth. ( Idont wanna do BH, to risky.)Other Info: The accounts is wiped clean, No cash, not once per cent. Has no mage done. I cannot rise prayer with these kinds of prices. HE has not done MM (BTW I can not conduct mmI had my friend do it for me...) This acc has 76qp over 48qp. But once more I am to scared to transfer money. SO PLEASE GUYS, Help me out!!!I just ended"Smoking Kills" pursuit and I was wondering exactly what equipment would be effective for murdering 120 Bloodvelds. I will be killing them in the Slayer Tower out Canifis but I am not sure where they're inside of there and what amount of food that I should bring (lobster/tuna). My latest profit in a stat will be 53 prayer, 54 Slayer, 76 assault and strength, also 77 hitpoints.Guess I'll be the first man to state slayer with this thread. It's great for when you don't know what to kill. You will gain some additional total levels. I don't think I need to let you know about the slayer creatures you could kill. If you do not enjoy the concept of being told exactly what to kill (that I doubt you don't, cause your question is like slayer, cept no slayer exp.) , you can always try monkey guards if you have started fighter insanity. There's an alter right alongside them, so it is ideal if you enjoy using dharoks. The change also means that you may utilize stat boosting prayers, so you are going to be able to acquire exp in a faster rate. Do not forget your salve ammy (cause they're undead), and a few extra prayer potions incase you can't get through the cheap RuneScape gold guards in the time to recharge in the change. Bandits are always another option, just should wear a god thing so they wont stop attacking you. Also a good idea to attract guthans, or a few bunyips so that you can extend your stay.
    118 Posted by Wei weismart
Other 130 views Nov 11, 2020
The Guru Stick was a staple of 2K basketball for years and for

The Guru Stick was a staple of 2K basketball for years and for the NBA 2K21 MT most part, has gone unchanged. For NBA 2K21, we saw this as a large opportunity to freshen up the game on the offensive end. In previous games, the Guru Stick could be held by you in any direction. From utilizing the proper stick as a featured dribble 15, that was limiting us. So we are making a pretty significant change to the Pro Stick works.

With this shift, we've been able to greatly extend the dribble move arsenal and give you access to more moves at a control scheme. After two or a game, it will have you breaking ankles and will feel nature! Along with the remap, the motions themselves happen to be overhauled to be more responsive and chain-able. Street moves have been transferred into a tap of the left cause also, which means that you won't be shooting off them by accident when you're breaking defenders at the Park down. Moves were.

Bound finishing and shooting at the rim have been points of emphasis. We wanted to create scoring the basketball an art from the perimeter and at the bottom, so we brainstormed and prototyped a variety of shooting mechanisms for the game of this year. What we settled on was a notion conceptually similar to something we attempted in NBA 2K17... Shot Stick Aiming. Aiming didn't really work that well in NBA 2K17 since it was somewhat buried, didn't have much skill and did not provide the user any feedback. We chose those used them to create a solution that was much better this time around and learnings.

To get NBA 2K21, when you take with the Pro Stick, the shot meter varies from a time consuming bar to a system. So instead of trying to stop the shot meter when you reach the release window that is ideal, you fix the Pro Stick instantly to reach on the center aim point. The goal window may change to the left or right based on the degree of difficulty of the shot and resizes dynamically based on player ability, shooting selection, and the shot is contested. Your shot will miss in that way if you miss the goal too much to the left or right.

And as I mentioned previously with the newest slider sets, even the smallest degree might be the difference between a make and also an airball on Hall of Fame, although it's quite a little more forgiving on the easier issues. You won't be penalized for using the shooting motion to find the sweet spot. To put it differently, when you're shooting with the Guru Stick you do not have to time your release. But if you want to bring it to the next level and Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins understand that your release, you can lock on your timing and aim by either centering the Pro Stick or by tapping one of those triggers when you reach the apex of the shooter. The lock in will be signaled by a brief flash onto the shot meter.

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