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  • 03 Jul 2020
    With the continuous development of network technology and integrated wiring technology, network communication equipment, data center servers and other IT facilities are developing towards racking, networking, and miniaturization. Therefore, the status of cabinets has evolved into a very The important role, take you to learn the basic knowledge of the cabinet today. First, the classification of the cabinet Extended classification: console, monitoring console, tool cabinet, standard cabinet, network cabinet, computer cabinet cabinet, stainless steel cabinet. According to the scope of application: power cabinets, server cabinets, indoor cabinets, communication cabinets, outdoor cabinets, industrial safety cabinets, low-voltage power distribution cabinets. Divided by function: fireproof antimagnetic cabinet, safety cabinet, waterproof cabinet, safe, multimedia console, file cabinet, wall cabinet, power cabinet, monitoring cabinet, shielding cabinet. Second, the concept of capacity "U" The height of the equipment installation in the 19-inch standard cabinet cabinet is represented by a special unit "U". U refers to the effective internal space of the cabinet, 1U=44.45mm. That is, how many U of 19-inch standard equipment can be installed, and the panel of standard equipment using 19-inch standard cabinets is generally manufactured according to the specification of n U. Third, the difference between racks and cabinets They are used to place 19-inch equipment, the load capacity of the 4-post rack is greater than the 2-post rack, the 2-post rack accessories are cantilevered, fixed at 2 points, and the 4-post rack accessories are installed in the same way as the cabinet, 4 points fixed , And the cabinet is closed, which is conducive to the protection of internal equipment; but the rack is open, there are no doors at the front, back, left, and right to facilitate the installation and construction of related equipment, but the dustproofness is relatively poor. Compared with the cabinet, the external environment requires more Higher. Fourth, the difference between network cabinets and server cabinets There are requirements on the depth, height, and load bearing of the cabinet. The width is generally 600MM, and the depth is generally more than 900MM. Due to the large heat dissipation of the internal equipment, the front and rear doors are provided with ventilation holes. The power cabinet cabinet and the server cabinet cabinet are 19 inches. Standard cabinets, server cabinets are used to install servers, monitors, UPS and other 19 "standard equipment and non-19" standard equipment. The network cabinet is mainly used to store network equipment and accessories such as routers, switches, and distribution frames. The depth is generally less than 800MM, and the width is 600 and 800MM. The front door is generally a transparent tempered glass door, which has low requirements for heat dissipation and environment. Fifth, the concept of grounding Grounding includes signal grounding and chassis grounding. The signal grounding function of the equipment is to provide the level reference plane of some or all circuits of the equipment. The ideal grounding plane is a physical entity with zero potential and zero impedance. Any current passes through it. There will be no voltage drop at all times, and the signal ground is usually realized by a dedicated grounding copper bar; The earth connection of the bushing is to realize the safety earthing of the equipment, prevent electric leakage, and realize the safety protection of the operator. OEM/ODM supports metal indoor rack server network cabinets, high-quality supply  network rack cabinet   , and home network cabinets. Hangzhou Dingli Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional network cabinet manufacturer and network cabinet supplier in China. Welcome to buy:
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  • 10 Jul 2020
    Classification of bed frames. The bed is the most important furniture for a family. The bed frame is an important part of the bed. In fact, the classification of the bed frame is very clear. It is mainly divided into wooden bed frames, metal bed frames, and soft-pack bed frames. According to the material composition, the bed frame can be divided into three types: wooden bed frame, metal bed frame and soft-pack bed frame. The wooden bed frame is the most common bed frame. Wood has a natural sense of affinity, can be integrated with various decoration styles, and it is easy to produce coordinated beauty with other furniture. The wooden bed frame is comfortable and not suitable for leaning. The characteristic of the metal bed frame is strong and durable. Common metal bed frames are made of copper and wrought iron. The copper bed frame can give a noble and elegant feeling, and the wrought iron bed frame can create a romantic atmosphere. When choosing a metal bed frame, attention must be paid to the coordination with the decoration style. In general, they can be coordinated with elegant and retro decoration styles and furniture. The soft-packed bed frame has the best comfort and is most suitable for those who like to rely on the bed. There are mainly two kinds of materials covering the bed frame: fabric and leather. The choice of fabrics is very wide and can be suitable for various decoration styles. The disadvantage is that it is relatively easy to get dirty. Hangzhou Dingli Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. products include: metal bed, single bed, metal bed and  steeel metal bed frame   . It is a metal bed frame company and factory with reliable quality and reasonable price. Welcome to consult and order:
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  • 17 Jul 2020
    Saying "metal bed" and contemporary and modern style immediately come to mind. Not surprisingly, because metal is a popular finish for both. But metal beds have actually existed for centuries. In Olde English, "wrought iron" refers to metal that has been processed or shaped, and refers to iron that has been hammered or bent into a certain shape. Today, attractive, stylish metal beds are made from a variety of ores and alloys, and offer a variety of colors and styles from traditional to modern. Since metal beds have many styles, they are the ideal way to decorate the master bedroom, guest room or children’s bedroom. Why buy a metal bed? The bed is usually the focal point of the bedroom, so the type of metal bed you choose will determine the tone of the decoration. For a modern feel, choose a bed with linear lines and geometric details, and use a polished high-gloss finish. To create a more traditional style, choose a metal bed with flowing lines, rolling decorations and decorative finishes. Many types of metal beds may be cheaper than wooden metal beds, which makes them a frugal way of decorating a second bedroom or children's room. Due to their material properties, metal beds are strong and durable. Metal beds, especially traditional style beds, have a retro atmosphere, evoke people's simple time, and make people's lives or childhood memories less rushed. For a "living" or heirloom look, choose a metal bed with antique or bronze finishes. Depending on the bedding selected, the metal bed is easy to dress up or dress up, making it adaptable to almost any decorative style. Most metal beds have a moisture-proof or powder-coated surface, are easy to clean, and require little maintenance over time. Since the headboard and footboard of a metal bed tend to have a more open design, it is an excellent choice when decorating small rooms. The open design takes up less visual space and does not make the room feel closed. Hangzhou Dingli Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. products include: metal bed, single bed, metal bed and steel metal bed frame. This is a    metal bed company   with reliable quality and reasonable price. Welcome to consult and order:
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  • 12 Jun 2020
    With the continuous popularity and development of the Internet, computers have become a normal state in the office, and network cabinets have begun to come to our work. If we don't have a network cabinet, a lot of network cables may be scattered in the computer room, and the wires will be everywhere. Therefore, in order to standardize the storage of network lines and wires in the computer room, network cabinets have been promoted and applied, becoming an indispensable network facility in the computer room. What convenience does the appearance of the network cabinet bring to you? Let me give you a detailed introduction below. 1. Line management The emergence of network cabinets can help us to make a reasonable plan for the lines in the computer room. With the network cabinet, we can put some equipment in the cabinet and use the cable management rack to organize the wires or network cables connected to these devices, so that the lines are organized, and the network maintenance staff can quickly find network faults. Make repairs. For network maintenance personnel, the emergence of network cabinets has improved their work efficiency and made work more intuitive. Second, heat dissipation By installing a fan or air conditioner in the network cabinet, the internal network equipment can be kept in a constant temperature working state for a long time. Do not underestimate the impact of this temperature on the network equipment, because the network equipment will generate heat during operation. When many network equipment are stored centrally, the heat dissipation will be large. Many, if the cabinet does not have good heat dissipation capacity, the network equipment may be overheated in the working state, which may cause the equipment to crash and work abnormally, resulting in incalculable losses. 3. Anti-radiation We can know that electronic equipment will generate electromagnetic radiation when it is running, especially in the computer room. Due to the centralized storage of electronic equipment in our country, it will generate electromagnetic radiation. In the long run, it may cause harm to the health of network maintenance workers. Most of the network cabinets are made of metal, such as cold-rolled steel plates. In addition to the benefits of the electromagnetic shielding effect brought by the strong and stable metal materials, the appearance of the cabinet effectively reduces the radiation of the computer room, allowing network maintenance personnel to work without worry. It can be seen that the network cabinet can effectively improve the overall appearance of the computer room; the 19-inch design of the network cabinet can accommodate a large number of network equipment, simplify the layout of the computer room, and improve the appearance of the computer room; it can effectively ensure the reliability and stability of the equipment. The cooling fan can send the heat dissipated when the device is working out of the cabinet to ensure the stable operation of the device. In addition, the network cabinet can also enhance electromagnetic shielding, reduce working noise, and even filter air.   OEM/ODM supports metal indoor rack server network cabinet. Hangzhou Dingli Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and manufacturing   network rack cabinet  , and home network rack cabinet .
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Other 192 views Jul 23, 2020
Office Wardrobe-Mainstream Board Of Wardrobe

1. Hexiang board
Hexiang board (also known as original board) is a new type of ecological and environmentally friendly artificial board. It uses natural rice and wheat and other crop straws as the main raw material. It is healthy and fashionable. It is glued with completely formaldehyde-free polyurethane ecological glue. The mixture is developed using state-level advanced patent technology.

Hexiang board use: widely used in interior wardrobe decoration, furniture manufacturing, flooring, kitchen cabinets, sound-absorbing boards, writing boards, drawing boards and packaging materials. It is an ideal substitute for wood-based panels. The water swelling rate of Hexiang board is significantly lower than that of ordinary board, and it still maintains high strength and high moisture resistance coefficient after boiling, while ordinary board breaks and breaks and has a high expansion rate. After boiling, the Hexiang board has basically no deformation and smells similar to the fragrance of barley tea; the ordinary board swells and deforms when it absorbs moisture, and the formaldehyde dissolves in water, giving off a pungent and unpleasant smell.

Hexiang board environmental protection type: use safe MDI ecological glue as the glue for manufacturing board, and obtained the national patent of using MDI to manufacture straw board. MDI glue is a widely used cutting-edge polymer synthetic material. It has excellent safety and stability and can even be used in fields with high safety requirements such as artificial blood vessels, heart valves, refrigerator liners, and Lycra fiber. Formaldehyde is released. The source of formaldehyde for general boards is mainly the glue used in the production process. All ordinary glues are synthesized using formaldehyde as raw materials. For each standard board, about 4 kg of formaldehyde is needed.

2. Solid wood particle board
Solid wood particle board is a scrap made of wood or other lignocellulosic materials. After drying, sizing and special equipment, the surface core layer is criss-crossed and oriented, and then hot pressed (the pressure reaches more than 3000 Pa) A man-made board after molding. The expansion coefficient of the solid wood particle board after drying treatment becomes smaller, and it has strong moisture resistance. Solid wood particle board is actually a kind of particle board produced by the process of particle board. The solid wood particle board can be divided into E0 and E1 environmental protection boards.

Uses of solid wood particle board: As a new, high-grade environmentally friendly substrate, solid wood particle board is widely used by European and American furniture manufacturers, and the domestic high-end panel furniture market has also begun to adopt this kind of board on a large scale. Good particle board wood has uniform grain size and even gaps in the middle. It can repeat the original hole to eat nails many times, which is a kind of particle board, but the particle board can not be used as a model door, but can only be used as a laminate and a flat door.

Environmental protection of solid wood particle board: The density of solid wood particle board is higher, the wood fiber particles in the board are larger, and the essence of natural wood is more retained. The content of solid wood particle board is generally less than 5% in the use of adhesives. During use, toxic formaldehyde gas will be released from the board. In this regard, Chinese families require E1 boards to emit less than 9 mg of formaldehyde per 100 grams of boards before they can be used directly for interior decoration.

3. MDF
MDF is a kind of density board. It is an artificial board made of small-diameter logs, cutting, processing residues and other plant fibers through a series of processes. After breaking, fiber separation, and drying, urea-formaldehyde resin or other Applicable adhesive is an artificial board made by hot pressing. The density is generally in the range of 0.5-0.8 g/cm, and the thickness is generally 3-30 mm. MDF has excellent nail-holding mechanical properties, decorative properties and processing properties.

Application of MDF: Because of its excellent performance, it is an effective way for comprehensive and reasonable utilization of wood. Therefore, MDF is often used in furniture or as wardrobe partitions, and can also be used in modern decorative frameless paintings. The middle frame and middle clip of the painting, frameless painting is used in this way, making life more environmentally friendly. Therefore, MDF has become one of the most promising products.

Environmental protection of MDF: Since MDF uses a certain amount of adhesive in its production, it will contain a certain amount of formaldehyde. When purchasing green products, consumers must see whether they use an adhesive without added formaldehyde. A new customized wardrobe is recommended. Use it after two weeks of ventilation.


New fashion open door printing cabinet equipment storage wardrobe. Hangzhou Dingli Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a reliable wardrobe manufacturer and supplier, mainly including  household wardrobe and    office wardrobe   :