FFXIV and FFXV crossover activities are now online

  • The long-awaited second half of the "Final Fantasy XIV" and "Final Fantasy XV" collaboration has arrived at FFXIV today. In the first half of the collaboration, the Queen of the Final Fantasy XIV birds appeared in Final Fantasy XV.

    FFXIV players can assume the task as long as they have a level of war or magic 50 disciples, and have completed the main scene mission "Ultimate Weapons". The mission can be picked up in the UL "Black Man" to join the event "Hey, on the steps of Nalde. Or you can find Kipih Jakkya standing near Ul'Dahn Aetheryte Next to the crowd. Either way, Nets started with Kipih telling the player that the story of Prince Lucian, as well as the very frustrated and lonely NOCT sitting in the mid-Thanalan arrival.

    The awards for this collaboration include Final Fantasy 14's first four-person installation, Jazz Garden, Noctis attire and hairstyle, and a Noctis Lucis Galleon Triple Black Society Card and Six Orchestrion, which you can't Buy FFXIV Gil, in this way you can plug your favorite FFXV music in your free company house.

    The event will take place today from May 27, 2019, at 7:59 am Pacific Time.

    Since Bleeding Cool's resident FXIXI ad addict suffers from insomnia, I have naturally completed everything that the event has to offer, including two independent duties and farm fate for various activity projects. This is probably the best crossover event in the history of the game. The FFXIV team did a great job in Noct's distorted animation, armiger, and even capturing his persevering emo attitude in plain text conversations. Yes, before you ask, you push Regalia over the desert of Thanalan.

    Unfortunately, the main drawback of the event was the need to purchase 230,000 Maderville Gold Saucer coins instead of Final Fantasy 14 Gil for haircuts, triple three-in-one cards and mounts. Only Regalia is 200,000 MGP. This is cheap compared to many Gold Saucer mounts, but it can be a bit difficult to plant so many MGPs from mini games and triple triads during the event.

    Of course, unless you want to see fate as a very, very rare installation drop. In this case, there is it. Still means you need to give up some MGP to get all the rewards, but for the average player, 30,000 MGP is more reasonable.