The creators of Path of Exile realize that their comprehensive

  • At the end of February, the great Path of Exile received a new supplement and did not make fans happy. From here you can check out the details of the comprehensive extension, but now the team's supervisor has explained that they are not satisfied with the results and reveal the reasons.

    "The synthesis is more than we expected," said research co-founder Chris Wilson. “It was developed during the Christmas season, and its game prototypes have been around for a while, and we don’t have much time to test it before launch or make potential changes it might need.” At the same time, POE Currency and the equipment needed for the game The feeling has also been greatly improved.

    “Although our post-release improvements have greatly helped fans enjoy this content, we are fully aware that this is not the best we have done and does not meet the quality of Path of Exile we expect,” he said.

    On the other hand, in the past days, different studies have revolved around the theme of “tightening”, which has been controversial, that is, in some development periods, in which working hours are triggered, the quality of life of developers is significantly deteriorated. This time they are members of Grinding Gear Games, the creators of Path of Exile. The final goal is a revolutionary version that can be used with POE Items and a way to improve its performance using POE Exalted Orb.

    “Some studies have enabled their team to work 14 hours a day to roll out each patch with as many corrections and improvements as possible,” the executive continued. “Sometimes when we read the fans’ comments in the patch description, we feel that we are asked to do the same thing from the community, but I will not rule the company under these conditions, although there will inevitably be some optional extra payments. A version is coming, most of the Path of Exile development cycle has a good balance between work and work, which is necessary to keep employees happy, but it also means things have It took some time."