Play 'Final Fantasy XIV' expansion pack 'Heavensward' for free,

    The owner of the Square Enix MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV Online Starter Edition will be able to download the game's first expansion pack, Heavensward, for free for a limited time.

    First launched in 2015, Heavensward was directly involved in the Final Fantasy XIV event A Realm Reborn, which was launched in 2013 as the original release in 2010 and the re-launch of the Final Fantasy XIV with poor ratings. In the world of Hydaelyn, Final Fantasy XIV takes place in an area called Eorzea. According to the FFXIV census, as of April 2019, Final Fantasy XIV has more than 15 million players worldwide.

    At Heavensward, you play the Warrior of Light and travel to Ishgard, the city's Eorzea built on a snow-covered mountain. The door to Ishgard was previously sealed. There, you will endeavor to end the millennial conflict - the Battle of the Dragon - between Isaac's theocracy and the Dragons of Dravania.

    Heavensward raised the Final Fantasy XIV rating cap to 60 and added new areas to existing games. Heavensward also added a flying mount and a new playable race (Au Ra, with a dragon-like horn). Heavensward also includes the new PvP mode, which also requires FFXIV Gil as always. But in addition to the new environment and maps, the biggest Heavensward in the FFXIX base game adds three new jobs: Dark Knight, Machinist and Astrologian.

    Dark Knights can use MP Draining ability to increase their combat damage, which requires wielding a Great Sword. They also have a buff, we call it The Living Dead, which will keep the Dark Knights in 1 HP battle and kill them once the buff disappears. Astrologian uses a deck of cards to support other players, dealing with healing and gain. Players can use FF14 Gil to get more powerful devices and upgrade faster.

    The free Heavensward version includes all the other content added through the update, such as dungeons, trials, raids and new missions. With a substantial expansion, Heavensward doubled the game content introduced in A Realm Reborn. To play Heavensward, you first need to beat A Realm Reborn's main story task.

    After the expansion of Heavensward is the Final Fantasy XIV of 2017: Stormblood. It is expected that the third expansion pack Shadowbringers will be launched on July 2, bringing players to the new generation of The First Star world and raising the FFXIV level cap to 80.

    Anyone with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realms Reborn for Windows, Mac or PS4 can add Heavensward to their account for free until June 27. We also encourage failed players to return to Final Fantasy XIV using Square Enix's "Free Sign-On Activity", "Allow the former players of the game to log in and play for free for seven days. The free login offer will end on June 17.