Final Fantasy XIV director wishes to create a big escape game

  • The Battle Royale game is without a doubt part of the game industry's desires. So far this current year, the game has become a huge trend. In fact, for quite a while, online games must be shipped in most sort of big escape mode. Therefore, the Final Fantasy XIV director would like to make a big escape game.

    In interviews with Gamespot, Naoki Yoshida mentioned the thought of ​​working in a very Royal War game. "" I want to create a battle royale game. I possess some thoughts, "Yoshida tells GameSpot through translation. "I possess some ideas to get this to type of game interesting. However, Yoshida would not say whether the concept of ​​"great escape" includes a final fantasy role,but FFXIV Gil could still be used to purchase items.

    He also likes to study a new MMO and bring his creative influence to Diablo 4. “As an online game designer, I want to make MMORPGs from scratch without any restrictions or restrictions. Remove all these restrictions, I want to make a MMORPG that matches the current trend before I die. I also want to [continue] Diablo God 4. "Yoshida said.

    Unfortunately, those are just his current ideas. Yoshida said that he will not leave the development of Final Fantasy XIV in the short term. However, he seems to be very keen to help Blizzard create Diablo 4 . Alternatively, if you are unable to obtain potential gold mines, you can try Buy FFXIV Gil on the website.

    How do you see the possibility of the Final Fantasy theme escaping game? Do you think that Yoshida’s ideas can be completed at some point? What do you think of Final Fantasy XIV? Let us know what you think about the VGR Forum, so stay tuned for more news and updates.