Rocket League's 'club' feature requires major upgrades

  • The Rocket League community is ecstatic about the Rocket League Club, which was first released in August 2018, but this excitement has gradually disappeared as this promising feature has become quite shallow.

    The Rocket League Club allows friends and teammates to play under a common banner, setting up a club name and color combination that appears in the game when playing against another club. Unfortunately, in addition to being able to set up Club News without actual functionality, all club features must be available in their current state.

    Although it's cool to see your team name and color in the game, the lack of depth makes the club a bit uncharacteristic. It might be an exciting feature that provides a real tool for managing the team, where players can purchase the Rocket League Items they need to see who can sneak into the most aggressive club names through the Rocket League filter.

    To make the club a useful feature, it should provide the features that the actual football club manager wants: statistical tracking, club rankings, and more. The club should track player statistics as they play club games with teammates to show the main scorers and goalkeepers, and members should be able to contribute to the club's historical win-loss record during the game.

    MMR's highest clubs can even be shown on the season's leaderboard, which will add another level of competition and challenge to high-level players.

    In the end, the club is a social function. Adding these statistical tracking features allows the club to compete with other clubs, compete with teammates to become the best in the club, and most importantly, what the game really means between clubs.

    Playing with your club is a lot more than just playing under the name in the club you and your friends know. These games may help players write longer stories for their own reasons, make an effort to improve the club's rankings or end up being the club's top scorer.This is not something you can do with a lot of Rocket League Keys at mmoah , and it takes a lot of other factors.

    As Psyonix recently turned to Epic Games, I hope that the improved club features will be available soon. I hope that Epic will be able to assign more developers to the Rocket League and add more features to the game, which are not necessarily the priorities of the smaller Psyonix team.