Final Fantasy XIV Letter of the producer's live broadcast on

  • The latest Final Fantasy XIV letter from Producer Live is being included and is now being replayed on YouTube for 3.5 hours, as well as for those who like to read them. During the event, there were some topics that were of interest to those looking forward to the Shadowbringers extension. Topics covered include FATE system realignment, side task and character task system adjustments, new UI features, new use cases for FFXIV Gil, improvements to the projection interrupt system, pet system adjustments, rebalancing of player characters, and more.

    We have experienced a long debate around the main tank and tank characters. After thinking about the role on the party's composition, we thought we would complete all four tank work, including gunmen, for both primary and non-tank roles. All tanks will share Three basic abilities: a full-party defensive buff, a defensive buff for your main tank as being a tank battle, plus a short defensive buff by themselves. The differences between tank work will likely be conveyed through their respective gameplay.

    The tank's posture has changed and should now remain active as the main tank race. You will no longer need a specific combination to increase hostility, so whether you are currently a master tank or a non-tank, you can maintain the same skill rotation. It depends on the player's skill, and Final Fantasy 14 Gil is not much relationship.

    In general, the role of the tank is to provide defensive gains to protect party members and to use the most suitable skill rotation for combat damage.