Who will be the next MapleStory Villian? Even Nexon knows

  • During the MapleStory Fest in Los Angeles this weekend, I sat down with MapleStory developers to ask about the upcoming summer update for MMO. It's worth noting that MapleStory has just begun to start with its fourteen-year campaign against the Dark Sorcerer, and the Dark Sorcerer finally got it earlier this year.

    Fans want to know what happens after the Black Wizard failed since the beginning of the year, but the summer update won't tell them too much. Summer updates focus on game balance updates, Maplestory M Mesos gets a balance of ease, community events and Pathfinder heroes.

    MapleStory fans can enjoy some adventures with Pathfinder, however, they will explore ancient sites and learn some new maple legends. This is great.

    But when asked where the story happened, representatives from Nexon said that even they were not sure. The story is being handled by a professional writer who signed a contract with Nexon to make a game story, so even Nexon himself is not sure what will happen next.

    Therefore, whether or not to replace the Orchid Master with the major disadvantages of MapleStory, we must wait and see whether Orchid returns. You can also Buy Maplestory Mobile Mesos in advance, after all, it will be very worthwhile to replace this game.

    At the same time, the Magic Archer Pathfinder course will make a number of changes to the game, which will appear in the game's June adventure update.