MapleStory M adds Legendary Dual Bowgun Archer Mercedes

  • Free multiplayer mobile game MapleStory M has received a free update from today's players, introducing the legendary dual weapon bow and archer archer Elf Mercedes. Mercedes is one of the heroes who locked the Dark Sorcerer, and her reputation is well deserved. Mercedes is a flexible character that becomes more powerful as her gorgeous combinations overlap each other.

    Today's update also brings the much-anticipated Evolution Dungeon, which allows players to customize their character based on their character's progress needs, which of course requires the player to pay for Maplestory M Mesos.

    In addition, the balance of Bow Master and Dawn Warrior has been balanced with Guild Banquet EXP.

    To celebrate the new Mercedes level, all players will receive the Mercedes update box and "TripleDillo Pets" from now until April 4, 2019. The Mercedes update box includes character slot coupons, automatic battle fee tickets and epic/mysterious weapons and armor.

    Other activities starting today include:

        Mercedes Burning Event - Until April 24th, Mercedes characters between Levels 3 and 75 will receive two bonus levels each time they upgrade, for a total of three levels.
        Mercedes Growth Support Activities - Until April 24th, the newly created Mercedes character will reach a certain level and will receive a special growth support box. Support box items include "Sylvidia" riding pets, Elf Medal, Elven King Seat and other items needed for character growth
        Taking care of the Pink Bean Event - Until April 25, a card matching game, players must find the same card to get the EXP and Evolution Pink Peas will be available. According to the growth of Pink Bean, Pink Bean's Best Friend Medal, Pink Bean Theme Awards such as Pink's BlessingTitle will be released

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