Ten years later, MapleStory players can finally fight their big

  • For 15 years, the massively multiplayer game MapleStory has predicted a great evil at the heart of its story. Everything was great until the Dark Sorcerer came to the city and smeared everything with his dark magic.

    During that time, you never really could fight him. Over the years, MapleStory fans have flattened their characters through long and sophisticated quest lines, saved unplayable characters, acquired important quest items and Maplestory M Mesos, all without direct exposure to the Dark Wizard. Instead, a lot of the main bosses amongst players are servants through the wizard, and that he has been observing them.

    In the summer update to MapleStory in South Korea, it is finally released on MapleStory, the world, players composition to fight the biggest evil on this land, this time he is here. After you complete a series of missions and defeat the subordinates of several Black Wizards, the battle begins. Once completed, you can access the Dark Wizard in a time-limited dungeon and enter 15 minutes every two hours. In the real MapleStory way, you never really look at this person's face, he is hidden behind a Big cover.

    After entering, you may find that you have absolutely no harm to the Black Master. This is because the boss's health point is actually shared between all MapleStory servers and all players, so you can't kill him in a battle. Eventually, once his health is low enough, the second stage of the black wizard will be launched in a few weeks, where you can use his alternative form to confront him as a wizard wielding the power of light. The final stage may come next year. It involves confronting itself in the light and darkness of the Dark Master's battle, as one of his long-term enemies, the orchid, cheering for you. When he is finally defeated, his pure form will appear in a new story that has not yet been seen.

    The final content of MapleStory has always been very unique, requiring you to have full MS M Mesos, extremely high level and sophisticated equipment to fight the ultimate boss. Black magicians are no exception, requiring you to reach at least 200 and have strong armor and weapons. In addition, you need a lot of mechanisms to evade the complete map of chains, lasers, meteors, and other attacks. MapleStory bosses often need a lot of practice, a coordinated voice communication between players, and a lot of energy to keep trying.

    After playing the game intermittently between elementary school, junior school, the university now, I finally saw the truly amazing bad things behind the sport, which includes destroyed living of every unplayable character for numerous years. Being able to use my skills on him is quite satisfying He also spoke some ominous lines while attacking, in order that it has more interaction as opposed to player gets. For a long time, Black Mage may be at the heart of MapleStory. There are now methods to get rid of him. It feels As though the end of the long story, plus the sequel is available.