Psyonix will host a fierce radical summer celebration at the R

  • From now until August, the Rockets and Psyonix are celebrating a fierce summer. The three Rockets League radical summer events will be held in the competition and the first game has already begun. These activities will include new and special content, including time-limited game modes, items, and premium DLC car kits.

    The Rock League's Radical Summer focused on the 1980s, revisiting the decade's hair, fluorescent colors, and shoulder pads. These events lasted for nine weeks, and during the aggressive summer months, players can earn cassettes in online competitions.

    The first of the three three-week celebrations were dedicated to the blockbuster of the 80s. This event is currently running and will end on July 1. As part of these three weeks, the Rocket League is adding the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Car Pack. The kit includes the Ecoto-1 Chariot, Rocket League Items, Wheels, Proton Pack Boost, Slimer Topper, Banner Avatar Boundary and Stay Puft Goal Explosion. The Ecto-1 Pack for the PS4 and Xbox One is priced at $2.95.

    he Blockbuster celebrations of the 1980s also included Ghost Hunt's time-limited model. Ghost Hunting is a 3v3 mode where players need to use their proton stream to capture a ball and bring it to the opponent's target. In addition to Ghostbusters, the Blockbusters stage includes the return to future RL Items, E.T. Aliens, Chivalrous and Karate Kid.

    Radical Summer's second phase focuses on the 80s culture, while the third phase focuses on television. From July 1st to July 22nd, players will be able to participate in the Spike Rush game mode and explore the cultural theme projects of the 80s.

    From July 22nd to August 12th, Radical Summer will turn his attention to the TV and will include the Knight Rider Car Pak and Beach Ball game modes.

    The Rockets' radical summer is now underway, and the first phase, the blockbuster, will last until July 1.