Rocket League 1.65 update patch description

  • New Rocket League updates are now available for download and install on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch versions. First, the update was added in the second phase of the Rockets' radical summer, but for the Rockets League 1.65 update, skip to the end of this guide and read the full list of Rocket League 1.65 update patch instructions. If you have been playing Rockets League you will know that the existence of Rocket League Items is needed whenever you need it.

    As mentioned above, the leading purpose in the Rocket League 1.65 update would be to add in your second phase on the Radical Summer event content. We will continue using Ghostbusters, Ghost Hunt time-limited mode and Blockbusters content on July 1, 2019, this update is ready for your second phase: culture. We are now looking down in the Spike Rush time-limited mode. It's time to earn more tapes and spend them for the radical Blockbuster prizes before each will disappear.

    As the Rocket League prepares to participate in the second phase of the radical summer event, Psyonix has decided to add some new RL Items to it. New MLB content in the form of American League and National League champions has been added. This is with the new Monstercat themed antennas such as 7 Minutes Death, Desert Star, and WRLD.

    Of course, without any general game changes or bug fixes, what are the benefits of the update? Fortunately, Psyonix agrees and has included some thanks to the 1.65 update. It is now good to display the grade points correctly at the end of each game and in the Rocket Pass menu. You shouldn't start any competition with the invisible chariot anymore. There are more fixes, you can go to their official website to learn, or click on MMOAH's official website.

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