Final Fantasy XIV director said that Microsoft is blocking MMO

  • Final Fantasy XIV cross-plays on PlayStation 4 and PC, but director Naoki Yoshida says Microsoft limits support (or ports) on Xbox One. This is especially noteworthy, because Final Fantasy XI is a cross-platform pioneer many years ago, allowing players to join the PS2, Xbox 360 and PC, and Sony has been the most silent cross-border supporter in the past.

    “I talked to Phil Spencer two months ago,” Yoshida told Wccftech. "I explained this before, but we are always ready to cross-game. Microsoft has two rules that prevent cross-playing. Simply put, FPS-style games have no problem with these two rules. If we make FPS games Then we already have a cross game. "The bad thing about crossover games is that it is not good for FFXIV Gil.

    Yoshida said there are two main restrictions. One is that "players with different platforms can't chat with each other in the game." The other is "You can't build a community with a play on different platforms. You can't form a guild, you can't enter a link shell, and there's no free. "He wants Microsoft to change their rules. And this is not limited to Microsoft, but there are a lot of players who only have cross-game experience with FPS games." If there is no communication license required by MMO, Yoshida said that FF14 will not Go to the Xbox.

    However, there are already some examples of games that seem to be the same problem. Dauntless recently introduced full cross-play across all three platforms with no obvious restrictions on cross-platform chat. However, Dauntless does allow players to choose not to participate in crossover games, which may be why they are treated differently. This game still needs the use of Buy FFXIV Gil to win the game.

    Overall, the console manufacturer does not pre-determine the constraints of the crossover game with the player. It sounds like the developers of Final Fantasy XIV simply don't want to split the player base through cross-playing according to obvious Microsoft regulations, and the same concerns may hinder cross-platform support for other MMORPGs.