Psyonix Publishers Share the Magnificent Vision of Rocket Leagu

  • For a four-year game, the Rocket League has received an incredible impact in this particular year's E3 event. Jeremy Dunham, Psyonix's vice chairman of publishing, attended several interviews in promoting the ongoing Radical Summer in-game event and was certainly one of three Psyonix employees within the Rocket League team.

    The group discussed the concept and development of the Radical Summer event, and Epic Games is awaiting the acquisition of Psyonix and how it has evolved since its release in 2015. The team also worked hard to explain how they use community feedback to shape their forward decisions. If you are interested in understanding the team's production process, then the team is worthy of attention, one of which is particularly prominent.

    When asked about the future of the Rocket League, Dunham said the team wants it to be a "beyond the platform and beyond time" game, adding that they want the Rocket League to be as common as traditional sports like basketball, baseball, and football. They envision a scholarship for students in every future school in the United States that has a Rocket League. Perhaps the scholarship will be used by them to Buy Rocket League Items, which will also reduce parental opposition. Dunham hopes that parents will one day teach their children to play games, just like any other sport they do.

    The Psyonix team is preparing to upgrade the Rocket League from Electronic games to a cultural cornerstone that everyone can participate in. Although this is very ambitious, Psyonix has a lot of confidence in their games, although some employees have made suggestions in the group. They were Opposed according to the size of their studio: "We need more people! Our mission definitely exceeds our ability."

    I hope that the Rocket League will benefit from Epic Games' seemingly unlimited resources and be closer to this vision, and it is clear how it leads Psyonix in their development. Rocket League's cross-platform game is an important step towards the game everywhere. Psyonix has made great efforts to support e-sports at all levels, including a $50,000 prize pool for college players. Various brands of DLC and family-friendly gameplay make the game accessible to everyone. As everyone's perceptions change and the number of e-sports grows, e-sports are increasingly accepted by more people, as evidenced by the money players are willing to pay for Rocket League Crates, Rocket League Keys and other products. According to the current situation, the ambitious desire for e-sports is not too crazy after all.