Path of Exile will soon kill Windows XP, Vista and DX9

  • Few of the people still running Windows XP or Vista will soon lose another current game because Path of Exile will stop working on them after the upcoming release. Grinding Gear Games, the developer of the excellent free-to-play action RPG, said that "only 0.1%" active users use 12 and 17 years of operating systems. Grinding Gear also plans to abandon the game's legacy version of DirectX 9. They say that all of this will allow them to better focus their time and let them run the game faster.

    Many newer games haven't been supported by XP or Vista for years, they think the new games aren't perfect, or they're not popular enough to be worth the extra work, even though many ongoing games have been around for a long time. Blizzard Entertainment gave up support for XP and Vista in their current game, including 2017's peer action, RPG Diablo 3. Even if Microsoft has completed the update and repair of the operating system, it will make them more vulnerable to security vulnerabilities. Switching is sensible if possible. Because this will make players more and more dependent on the POE Currency, this is not a good phenomenon.

    Grinding Gear will take this opportunity to cut off the DirectX 9 version of the game, which is required for XP and Vista. Although you might expect this to be primarily used by people on older systems, Grinding Gear says this is not the case.

    "From what we've seen, most players who choose to use the DirectX 9 version of Path of Exile don't do this because their operating system doesn't support DirectX 11, but because the old renderer allows you to disable shadows. "They explained in the announcement yesterday. They are not keen on this and say that it is not necessary. The Path of Exile game environment is designed around their shadows. Over time, we are increasingly relying on shadows as a key part of the environment, so games without shadows become very different from the experience we want. The effect of shadows on the environment will not change because of the items purchased by POE Currency. So we make sure our new renderer has a fast shadow. The DirectX 11 version performs better than DirectX 9 without shadows.

    Although these changes will undoubtedly attract 0.1% of players, unless they upgrade, they will not be able to play again, which should be good news for other 99.9% of players.

    "By having to maintain support for both versions of DirectX, we will be able to simplify a lot of code and make it faster," Grinding Gear claims. This, combined with the abandonment of XP and Vista, "should improve the path of exile by migrating users to higher performance game clients and unlocking important technology development resources on our terminals."

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