Rocket League double down and painted weekend begins on July 4,

  • Rocket League are celebrating its fourth birthday! It seems that the beginning of the cultural phase of Radical Summer is not enough. We joined the party by launching Double Drop and Double Painted Weekend from July 4.

    During this long weekend event, all Uncommon or higher free custom projects and events Crate will often triple after an online match of any game type. In addition, all Rocket League Items have twice the chance to have Painted Rocket League Items. If you hold Rocket League Crates in stock, this is the best time to open them. The Double Painted bonus is also available for Trade-Ins. All commodity exchanges processed this weekend will have twice the chance to get painted goods.

    The Double Painted project addition is simply available for Rocket League Crates and Rocket League Trading, not to the Golden Rocket League Items in in-game events. This is because the gold project has grown the odds of containing painted items. Be sure to confirm the Rocket League Crates drop rate. Here are first and end times for Double Drop&Double Painted Weekend:

    Start time: Thursday, July 4, 2:00 pm PDT (9:00 UTC time)

    Deadline: Monday, July 8 at 10 am (5 pm PST)

    We hope that you will be able to fully inspire Radical Summer's cultural stage and time-limited game mode, Spike Rush. Everyone from Psyonix, thank you for being the best rocket power fan in the past four years and countless, and wish you the best of luck, get the painted products you have been looking for!At