The wealthiest player on the Path of Exile in Europe

  • A player posted his recent personal success on the Path of Exile. He showed his inventory and his collection. It turns out that if you convert his items, he may be the wealthiest player in the game.

    Players have much money: Players and Reddit user Angelsergiuboy have released 100 "Kalandra Mirror" inventory screenshots. He was the first to record many copies of the project.

    The mirror is currently the rarest and most valuable POE Currency in the game. On some pages, the value is about 165 euros. With his number of mirrors, players will have 16,500 euros available if they want to sell them. It is enough to buy the Volkswagen Polo as a new car from the manufacturer (about 14.300 €) or about 800 times to go to the movies.

    What makes the mirror so precious? The mirror has a particular function. They replicate any non-unique and undamaged items. They are a thousand times less than "Worshiping the Pearl," which is why many players can't find a mirror even for hundreds of hours.

    Is his inventory worth so much? The price of mirrors varies, depending on which offer is based. Besides, Angelsergiuboy has a collection of 100 mirrors in his standard league.

    In this league, all-league characters will end after the end of the season, and after their death are all hardcore aspects for many high-end players who may be interested in mirrors, the economy here is quite dull. They are more concerned about the current league. However, he can change his mirror to the official trading side and oppose other valuable items, which may bring him more.

    Can he redeem it with real money? Path of Exile prohibits actual money transactions. It is why Angelsergiuboy will encounter the problem of making money even if he finds a buyer in the league. Therefore, It stipulates that players can use POE Orbs instead of real currency trading in the game.

    However, getting a copy of many of the rarest items you can't even see is still a great achievement.