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NCAA players we're likely to see at NBA 2K22
1/7/22 1:00 PM - 1/30/22 3:00 PM
by Wuyahong Wuyaho... 1 guest 0.0

For example, NBA 2K22 MTue still doesn't feature an option to use the WNBA for some reason. Considering that you're able to play a full year with any of those 12 WNBA teams, why can't we continue on with a franchise following the first season is finished? As a bandwagon fan of the Seattle Storm, I stay really impressed by what NBA 2K has performed with its WNBA gameplay: The spacing is excellent and players like Sue Bird and Natasha Howard look and play like their counterparts that are real-life. The WNBA even features its very own set of announcers, which is good for an additional change of pace. Not being able to play with these groups in an internet capability or in MyLeague dampens the excitement over the WNBA's inclusion.

Online play stays hit or miss in NBA 2K22. In a world where internet play was completely stable, I don't think I'd ever find myself playing against a CPU opponent again. The very best method to play with NBA 2K22 is contrary to other people, and that is only emphasized from the gameplay alterations for the year's iteration. However, as has become an annoying convention, online play remains hit or miss at NBA 2K22. I had several cases where my sport inexplicably disconnected just a couple of minutes in, even on a wired connection. I also had some crashing while roaming The Neighborhood, especially when going into areas that need a loading screen.

Additionally, it feels as though the ability gap continues to grow between gamers who would like to spend the opportunity to learn the mechanisms and those who don't, which can be a good thing. Anybody looking to brute force their way to success by sprinting up and down the court without bothering to engage in a half-court crime is very likely to have a poor time.

But that has been true for several years now, although this year's iteration improves on a handful of items, most notably the aimed shooting mechanic, there hasn't been much movement. At precisely the same time, it is a shame that 2K's focus is not on the fun you'll have on the courtroom, but instead the money that may be extracted from the wallet off of the court at the MyCareer and MyTeam manners, which just are not enjoyable to grind through without paying. Maybe the new set of consoles on the horizon may bring a fresh start for the NBA 2K franchise, but right now I feel more pessimistic about the series' future than ever.

NCAA players we're likely to see at NBA 2K22

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